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How to use the GS poker scanner system?

Before you place order to buy our poker scanner system, we will ask you what poker games you play and the detailed requirement for your games, so that we can choose and buy the exact games for you after you place order.

The whole set of GS poker scanner system includes:

  1. A customized cell phone with analyzer system
  2. Barcode playing cards
  3. Micro headphone

Before the game starting, choose the game you going to play in the scanning system, setting the number of player, connecting to barcode cards scanning camera, and the type of outcome poker cheating cards. Then press the button to start the game. After the dealer shuffles the cards and put the cards on the table, the poker camera will scan the cards automatically. afterward, the marked cards analyzer will analyse the barcode marks and tell you the best hand by the micro headphone.

How the poker scanner system show you the results?

There are many accessories going with cell phone to tell you the result, such as a micro headphone, a vibrator and so on. Users can know the poker results with the help of these devices. For example, users can hear the poker results clearly within 0.1 second through the micro headphone or they can know the poker results by feeling the vibrator shaking. Besides, the cell phone can use time-mode to show the result.

GS poker scanner system is the best poker winner calculator for poker players, which can be able to tell you the best hands in the game of playing cards, there are few people know about it, so it is very secret and safe cvk 680 device.

The latest GS poker analyzer is designed with the newest and advanced technique, that is why no one easily identifies the poker scanner system in poker games. The price of our poker scanner system is preferential, so you needn’t worry you can’t afford it.

GS poker scanner system can be used in many poker games to increase your winning odds, for example: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack, Flush, Seca and so on.

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