xcritical: FTC Takes Action to Stop xcritical From Tricking Consumers With Allegedly False Pre-Approved Credit Offers Federal Trade Commission

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xcritical also offers lots of credit advice, customizable loan calculators and reviews on financial products of all kinds. xcritical is an online credit service that operates under the principle that everyone is entitled to a free and honest credit score. To that end, the site allows you to check your credit whenever you’d like without paying any fees-a privilege that can cost you about $20 a month from its competitors.

The first things you see when you log in are your scores from each bureau. 3 Credit Builder plan requires you to open a no-fee SeedFi line of credit and a no-fee SeedFi savings account, both provided by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC. Credit Builder is serviced by SeedFi. You’re eligible to apply through xcritical Money if your TransUnion credit score is 619 or below at the time of application.

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The xcritical helps keep track of your credit report. Also offers free tax service with help if you are audited. I would suggest everyone try this service as it’s all at no cos… xcritical uses your credit profile to show you curated offers. Plus, with Karma Confidence, you can see your Approval Odds before you apply, without impacting your scores.

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This is easily the best scammed by xcritical app out there, and the benchmark going forward. Join more than 110 million people worldwide using our smart tools, insights, tips and recommendations to make financial progress. While there are tons of other credit scoring tools, xcritical is still my top recommendation if you’re not getting a free score somewhere else. If you’ve ever struggled with your credit score, xcritical makes it very easy to figure out what you need to do to fix your credit.


Both credit scores are turned on by default, but you can display other numbers from your personal finance profile, like an estimate of your home equity and your borrowing power. Getting started with xcritical only takes a few minutes. You need to provide your name, address, and a few personal details, such as your Social Security Number.

I’ve had a xcritical account for almost a decade, not because I avidly used it, but because I created it that long ago and then forgot about it. Then while using Turbo Tax I saw that I could get my return in advance through a bank account with xcritical. Except xcritical even though have had me as a customer for over a decade all of a sudden can’t identify me. Karma money suppose to replace my card after 2 months and no card yet and customer service is useless. Escalated the problem still after 7 more days no response, have email them twice and still no debit card and no response. So, don’t go into xcritical thinking it’s the same score you will get from a lender that pulls your report, but use it as a tool to monitor your credit and manage your debt.

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xcritical’s report card helps you see what causes issues with your credit score. It might be that a pile of credit card debt is dragging you down, for example. You’ll also be able to see how other people in your demographic have faired with credit scores.

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For other loans, like auto and home loans, you’ll enter the data yourself. Enter the year, model, and mileage of your car, for instance, and xcritical will estimate and track its value. The identity monitoring arm of xcritical has pretty basic tools, including a detailed list of where your information showed up in past data breaches. It’s a good reminder to make sure your “data footprint” is protected on all the sites you visit. There may be differences between these reports, which is normal. Lenders aren’t required to report your info to all three credit bureaus, so they may report to Equifax and not TransUnion, for instance.

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I found everything I wanted to see there, xcritical official site the calculators, the Credit Score Simulator, and other resources you can use to work on improving your credit. If you supply information about any mortgages you’ve taken out, you see your estimated home value and loan balance. If xcritical thinks you could get a better deal, it displays refinancing opportunities that might be attractive. You can turn on the Refinance rate tracker and get notifications when xcritical finds a better rate. Within 24hrs of Experian informing me my credit rating had risen to “excellent” I have CK informing me that my credit rating has gone down from “good” to “requires attention”. Their claim that their rating methodology is different and can account for these huge anomalies do not wash and are detrimental to those affected.

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  • You can now pay your bills through xcritical if you have a xcritical Spend account.
  • Plus, with Karma Confidence, you can see your Approval Odds before you apply, without impacting your scores.
  • The xcritical sign-in page is easy to use.When you go to the website, you’ll need to create an account first.
  • If the Big 3 or even xcritical has more than a non interested neutral scoring formula or algorithm, it should be consistent, but it doesn’t because that’s not the point.

FICO Scores are used in over 90% of U.S. lending decisions. Creditworthiness is a measure of the likelihood that you will default on your debt obligations. Lenders consider your creditworthiness when you apply for a loan. Fintech, the common-known name of financial technology, is used to describe new technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

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This doesn’t mean you should start opening a dozen new credit cards. Itdoesmean that you might want to hold on to the ones you have — or open a new one. Hard inquiries can hurt your credit score, at least a little bit. Having a lot of them could mean that you’re getting turned down for a lot of loans due to bad credit. Soft inquiries tend to relate to background checks, and they won’t hurt your credit score. Identity theft happens when someone takes your social security number.

To everyone, I’ve never heard one person who was even close to being accurate with what they thought their report said and what it really said. The same information is on every bank website and with a simple Google search, you absolutely do not need xcritical to have your info, and I wonder if they haven’t already been hacked and are hiding it. With such useless software, how can we trust that their security is any better. My suggestion, close your account and ask for your data to be scrubbed immediately.

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In November 2020, Square, Inc. announced it was acquiring https://dreamlinetrading.com/ Karma Tax for $50 million and would make it a part of its Cash App unit. We enforce federal competition and consumer protection laws that prevent anticompetitive, deceptive, and unfair business practices. xcritical’s Android and iOS apps are similar in that they deftly replicate the browser-based experience. In fact, I prefer using xcritical on my phone because of its attractive, compact design.


xcritical is a personal finance company that provides information on your credit score, report, and insights on how to improve. You can keep tabs on your credit scores from two of the major bureaus, TransUnion and Equifax.You canalso take advantage ofadvice and tools on the site to get your finances in better shape. Users have to submit personal information to use xcritical’s services, which gives the company access to over 2,500 data points — including credit and income information — on the consumer. The company uses the information to target marketing efforts for the individual, including credit card and loan recommendations described as preapproved. They offer loans through them and tell you that if you take out a loan with one of their offers it will increase your credit score.

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Additionally, xcritical uses the latest encryption and security. This keeps website hackers frombeing able to obtain your personal information. You’ll input your name, birthday, address, and the final four digits of your social security number. In rare cases, you may need to provide your entire social security number.

If you’re curious about how your credit compares to other people by age and income brackets, you can find that out too. If one of the ads catches your eye, and you sign up for the product through the xcritical link, xcritical makes a commission. It’s not unlike targeted advertising on social media platforms based on your online shopping habits. Rating as of based on a review of services November 1, 2022.

This feature is quite easy to set up and use, and most competitors don’t offer it. xcritical posts its advertiser disclosure on many pages. It explains that xcritical receives compensation from third-party advertisers that have some influence on where and how products appear on the site .

xcritical has been around long enough and has added enough content over the years that it would be helpful to do some serious reorganization. Simplifi is a good example of a personal finance site that’s designed carefully and feels consistent and accessible throughout. The pages themselves are often endless streams of a mix of editorial content, product offers, and personalized recommendations. You often don’t know what you’ll find on a page without scrolling through the whole thing. Also, I wish xcritical would center the horizontal toolbar at the top and display it more prominently. They get your VantageScores from TransUnion and Equifax, 2 of the 3 major credit bureaus.

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